"Years ago I graduated from a musical theatre conservatory program and made my way to the big apple. Once I found a stable day job and got up on my feet, I felt it was time to get back into class. I wanted to get feedback on what I could do better, how to improve my pieces, how to put my best and most marketable self forward so when an audition came up, I wasn't going in blind and my skills were fresh. I didn't want to try something out in an audition and bomb, I wanted to be able to work on new pieces outside of that context in a safe space. I googled, playbilled, broadwayworld-ed….and found a number of different seminars, workshops, and classes to enroll in. After months of taking dozens of classes at many different studios, I found myself getting more and more frustrated. One class had way too many students, one class was way too expensive, one class seemed like the teacher was there for the paycheck. I wanted a studio that designs its programming FOR the actor, a studio who cares about its students, I wanted to get in front and work with the most influential and experienced people. I wanted to grow. I convened with some friends who wanted to make a difference and we created The Growing Studio.

The Growing Studio is by actors for actors. We offer affordable classes, with a low student-faculty ratio that helps our students further their careers while growing as artists along the way.

We introduce our students to leading professionals they won't meet elsewhere. Our entire faculty is comprised of professionals currently working in the theatrical industry, this enables us to maintain close relationships with pivotal guest artists. This also allows us to bring in industry professionals we've worked with outside of the studio whom wouldn't ordinarily teach class. All of our programming is designed to help actors,we structure multi-class series instead of one off classes as our aim is to strongly encourage a learning environment versus an audition opportunity.

Whether you're a Broadway veteran or just beginning your career we're here to help make things a little easier.

Come grow with us!"

- Danny George

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