Where is your class schedule?
All enrollment is done through our mailing list. You can browse the website for the different classes we offer, but the only way to get specific information about when each class is offered is through our mailing list.


How do I enroll?
So you received an email for a class you want to take - great! Reply to that email ASAP that you're interested in the class. We do all enrollment on a first come, first served basis via email and keep our class sizes small. After your email is received you will be notified about your enrollment or wait list status.


How can I pay?
After enrollment has been offered, you will receive an email with a link to pay your deposit. Your remaining balance can be paid before or on the first day of class. We only accept Debit/Credit (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) for all class payments.


What happens if I need to cancel my enrollment in a full series?
Should you need to cancel your participation in class, written notice must be received more than 5 days before class to offer a full CREDIT to be used for any other class at TGS. Please note: Class enrollment is operated on a first-come first-served basis, regardless of payment vs. credit. CREDIT will expire 1 year from the time of issuance. CREDIT may only be used with and for THE GROWING STUDIO INC. NYC or THE GROVE NYC and may not be used within the affiliate network (THE GROWING STUDIO LONDON, THE GROWING STUDIO MIAMI, A1s, GEOTUS, etc.)
Should you need to cancel your participation within 5 days or less of the class start date, you will forfeit your deposit and no credit will be given.


How do I find a sub?
If a student needs to miss just one date throughout the course of a series and wishes to find a sub, please email info@thegrowingstudio.com to coordinate that. Subs are the student's responsibility, but we will happily share the wait list from the class to aid you in finding someone to take your place that day. You are also welcome to post on our Facebook Community. Once a sub is acquired, please send their name and email to info@thegrowingstudio.com.


How can I utilize a payment plan?
Payment plans are only available on classes totaling MORE than $350. Please note that the balance may not be separated into more than 3 installments, not including your deposit. We must receive at least partial payment at your first class. Your balance must be paid in full by the start of your third week of class, even if your series is four weeks in length or longer. All balances are due at, or before the start of the first meeting of that class each week.

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