Find appropriate material for your type with a a coach who specializes in repetoire.

The most common thing we've noticed in class is a misconception of who an actor is and where they are most marketable and useful in today's theatre scene. This is almost always shown by your rep book. So we've created the "Build Your Book Class."

This class is designed to find and coach repetoire that works for you based on your physical, vocal, and playing type and marketability. A song can make or break someone regardless of their skill level. We continue to see actors picking the wrong material for auditions, classes with casting AND agencies.

Each class will focus on a different genre of musical theatre over the course of 4 weeks. By the end of class you should have pieces that work for every genre in musical musical theatre. We will cover a different discussion topic and work a different genre each class.

Class 1
Your Go-To Musical Theatre Audition Songs

You'll present two contrasting songs and we'll talk about your type,
what roles you can currently play, and where you fit in in today's theatrical market.

Song suggestions will be emailed to you between Class 1 and Class 2.

Class 2
Pop / Rock

Class will discuss the difference between autiioning for
a bio-based musical like Jersey Boys or Beautiful and
a jukebox like Mamma Mia or We Will Rock You.
We'll go over our pop song suggestions and coach them
so that you're comfortable to bring them into the audition room.

Class 3
Legit Musical Theatre / Contemporary Musical Theatre

Class will discuss auditioning for legit musical theatre.
We'll cover the different types of pieces you may need for legit shows
and how they differ from Gilbert and Sullivan to Les Miserables
to contemporary musical theatre. We'll coach the legit song assigned to you
or if legit isn't your thing, we'll coach a contemporary piece suggested to you from your first class.

Class 4

We'll have an in-depth one-on-one discussion about what your book needs
and where the gaps are. We'll work a song from the previous class
that you feel isn't ready to bring into the audition room just yet.
We'll discuss type and what you can do moving forward to make yourself more marketable.

Class Cap:
12-14 Actors
* Note: Students must take all classes in the series

New Students £35.00/class
Returning Students £32.00/class

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