Tired of going to one-night agent seminars? Or the infamous casting director class where you scramble in your book to find a 30 second monologue that covers everything that person casts? We want our students to grow and advance. So we've changed the game...This class is ideal for you if you are actively seeking representation, did not attend a conservatory program with a showcase, or had a showcase which didn't go in your favor and are now ready to be signed. This 4-week class ends in a showcase with a dozen agencies attending. We invite a unique blend of major and boutique agencies. The agents will all submit written feedback, you'll know instantly who's interested in working with you.

We also bring in casting directors from two different offices to work with you on your material. Having two different offices work with our students gives them more range and more contrasting feedback.

Each week students will work on different material (both monologues and scenes), some of their own choosing, some given by our faculty, until they have found the piece that is going to show them off best, the piece they will present for over a dozen agencies on Showcase day. Class is a fair mix of business vs. technique. If you'd like more information regarding each class, we're happy to send you a more detailed lesson plan.

Class Cap:
12 - 14 Students

You won't find this many industry personnel for one class anywhere else. If you're serious about getting signed, getting your name out there, and advancing your career, we'd love to have you join us.

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