"I am actively recommending it to all my friends. What a smart, no-fuss, successful program. Couldn't be more of a fan of the class and everyone I've met at the growing studio."
Kaitlyn Frank
"Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all of your invaluable help and advice. I always felt that your teachers were on my side and genuinely wanted to make my showcase performance the best it could be--having taken a few other classes in NYC, that is not always the case! Their knowledge of our industry is so impressive, and their dedication to the students is unparalleled. You've given me so much confidence in such a short amount of time, and that's already helped me so much. I will definitely keep you posted, and I will sing your (and the Growing Studio's) praises loudly to all of my actor friends!"
Kara Lewis
"Having heard great things about The Growing Studio's showcase program, I was excited to experience it firsthand. The teachers are lovely and each is well equipped to help prep the actor to present him or herself in the best possible light, letting individuality shine through in both the material and performance. I was happy with the agency feedback I received, and have since been very happily signed with Eddie Rabon at Take 3 Talent. The Growing Studio Showcase Program is a great value for your budget--and the results have great value for your career!"
Julia Freyer
Now signed with Take 3 Talent
"I can't say how much I absolutely enjoyed and adored everyone in the showcase class. From the faculty to the students, thank you so much for bringing a sense of camaraderie and positivity to a profession that is sometimes lacking in both! Hats off to The Growing Studio!"
Amy Persons
Sister Act
"Not only was the Showcase class a great space to try out audition material, it was also an incredible way to build connections with casting directors and agents. Because of the work we did in class, I was able to meet with multiple agencies and eventually sign with one! I would highly recommend the class to anyone looking to get an agent!"
Katie Travis
Now signed with The Mine
"The Growing Studio has been one of my wisest investments to date. Not only was I fortunate enough to receive responses and representation, but also new material, new coach, and new friends. Steve Edlund, and the rest of the studio, are a wealth of knowledge. Their investment on your journey is transcendent and they will serve as a resource even after you succeed with them. Go grow with them!"
Mike Dineen
Now signed with BLOC
"The Growing Studio has really found a winning formula with their showcase class. I spent years trying to land an agent, going into sessions for five minutes and getting a lot of lip service and no real results. Doug breaks down the key differences in what casting is looking for versus what an agency is looking for and how to cater to each and bridge the gaps with your material and presentation. Working with Doug and the casting directors they brought in, I found a piece that really sells me and my type. I got great feedback from all 12 agencies that attended and signed with Charles Kerin Associates, a great boutique agency which is the perfect fit for me. The Growing Studio is run by actors and they are as invested in my success as I am. I could not recommend them highly enough. If you want to take a serious step forward in your career, The Growing Studio is where you should be."
Kelly Marie McKenna
Now signed with Charles Kerin & Associates
"After hearing great things about the classes and community put together by The Growing Studio, I got a chance to work with them in their first Dancer's Showcase. The choreographers they brought in were incredible, sharing their thoughts on movement and the casting process. To get that in the middle of audition season was priceless! The faculty were available, supportive, and so excited for all of us. It made for a comfortable environment for the showcase and I felt I was really able to put my best foot forward in front of twelve agents and two casting directors. I've ended up with an agent who is confident in me and who I feel truly comfortable, and a job offer to work with one of the choreographers from the showcase! I owe a lot to The Growing Studio and I cannot say how grateful I am to have worked with them!"
Paige Williams
Now signed with Clear Talent Group
"I had plans to start my own business so I took a year off of auditioning and acting to work a full time job and save money. When I was ready to get back to the grind the Casting Director workshop was an invaluable resource. I got reacquainted with casting directors I used to know but had not seen in a while, as well as some CDs that I had never met! As a result I am being consistently called in for appointments, as well as have a rapport and a baseline for continuing to network and market myself. If you are confident in your audition material and what you bring into the room, this class is a perfect way to start pushing open your own doors and bettering your relationships in the theatre community. The Growing Studios classes are by far and away the most beneficial of any in the city."
Anna Lise Jensen
"The composer series at The Growing Studio has been one of my favorite classes in NYC. Working with Drew was amazing--he gives incredible personal attention to each student and hones in really clearly on everyone's strengths and struggles. I learned so much week to week watching different composers work and came to understand more about their tastes, methods, and personal artistry than I ever thought I'd be privileged enough to learn. The class is an instrumental experience for anyone interested in the new musical theater scene."
Serena Berman
"I loved The Composer Series and feel that it is a very valuable class. Drew was a perfect facilitator/ teacher for this series. He is approachable, fun, and gives precise and incredibly helpful coaching (not to mention that he is a genius songwriter). It was such a joy to get to know him and work on his song. Joe Iconis and Andrew Lippa were the featured composers in my series and both brought incredible insight and a fresh lens to look at our business through. It was such a relaxed environment; everyone was able to do their best work and ask some tough questions. It was networking without feeling like networking! I really saw each person grow through the class and there were marked differences in the performances from week 1 to week 4. It is so rare to get the chance to work with composers on their music and one I think every performer should experience."
Ilana Gabrielle
"Auditions are always a bit taxing, and audition season is definitely trying. Going into one audition after the next without any kind of personal feedback or guidance can become extremely frustrating because it's hard to feel like you're making progress. I took the casting director workshop with Duncan Stewart and it was the first time in a while that I felt like I was able to really make a connection on a personal, non-audition-robot level with someone behind the table. Duncan Stewart was an absolute gem, but the structure of the class was what made it worth it to me. Over a 4 week period of time we were able to really have the opportunity to showcase more than one strength or side of ourselves as performers, and had the time to get specific, personal feedback from someone who seemed relieved to have the time to share with us. I would whole heartedly recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking for answers about how they come across in the room, if their audition material suits them, and different avenues to explore."
Stevi Incremona

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