"I am always happy and excited to be asked to participate at The Growing Studio. I know that I will be seeing talented, well trained artists being presented in the most organized and enjoyable setting. The Growing Studios is the boiler plate for showcasing talent."
David Cash
Nicolosi & Co.

"The Growing Studio is exactly that: an actor's studio (started by actors for actors nonetheless!) that actually delivers the goods by giving careful, smart, savvy, and personalized attention to each and every actor. Within the Growing Studio's four walls, one's 'growth' and full potential can be realized. You can feel it in the air – something special and different is happening here. I have worked with the Growing Studio for the past two years, and whether it be working with actors on their songs & scenes, illustrating the truths/fallacies about our industry, setting up actors for success in the audition room (giving them valuable advice/tools specifically geared to the industry) or simply seeing top rate talent that 'jazzes' me on a continual basis, I leave my seminars on a high believing both in the power of theatre and the ability of the individual to create memorable moments."
Duncan Stewart
Casting Director/Partner

"The Growing Studio cuts right to the chase: teaching and exposing actors to the in's and out's of this industry. I encourage any new talent in musical theatre to take their classes and brush up on everything from audition technique, profession networking, to building a better book and more..."
Benton Whitley, CSA
Casting Director/Partner

"The students I met at The Growing Studio were extremely prepared, focused and ready to work. The studio created a safe environment for both the actors and myself to take risks and grow together. I have really enjoyed my evenings there and leave feeling excited about our community and that we are all working together to tell stories in the best possible way."
Lindsay Levine, CSA
Casting Associate
Tara Rubin Casting

"I always look forward to The Growing Studio's showcase as their students are consistently well-prepared, focused, and diverse. I've called in over a dozen students from their showcases and classes in the past!"
Dustin Flores
The Mine

"I always enjoy attending the Growing Studio showcases. Growing Studio always offers an array of talented actors to showcase their best work for industry representatives . I appreciate how well they present their program and events. I have called in many actors from the Growing Studio and continue to look for talent through their programming."
Danny Prather
Hudson Artists Agency

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