All access classes with musical theater and tv/film industry professionals online.

An all access pass to 150+ classes monthly consisting of Q&As,

seminars and interactive workshops with the most influential industry creatives

in New York, LA, Chicago, Atlanta and the UK.


Classes include:

  • Agent Seminars
  • Dance Classes
  • Scene Study
  • Producing 101
  • Directing for the Stage
  • Guitar
  • Speaking in Dialects
  • Voiceover
  • Acting for Commercials
  • Daily Vocal and Physical Warm Ups
  • On Camera technique
  • Musical Theatre Audition technique
  • Songwriting 101
  • Casting Director Workshops
  • Shakespeare
  • Working cuts with Broadway Directors
  • Self Tape workshop with Artistic Directors

LimitLESS access to all Q&As, Vocal and Physical Warm Ups, Dance Classes and Seminar/Lecture based content - Songwriting, Directing, Producing, Dialects, Voiceover, Shakespeare, Acting for the Camera, Acting for Commercials
 + INTERACTIVE content. One-on-one time, performance and feedback in group classes including Musical Theatre Audition Technique, Directing, Shakespeare, Songwriting, Scene Study, Working Dialects, Voiceover, Acting for Commercials, Acting for the Camera, Casting Director Workshops (TV/Film and Musical Theatre)
,One-on-one time, performance and feedback including Agent Seminars, Guitar, Self Tape Workshop w/ Artistic Directors, Working Cuts with Broadway Directors
1 Month of LimitLESS access
2 Weeks of LimitLESS access

*Piano backing tracks are made free of charge forsubscribers. All subscribers receive a weekly update with current audition breakdowns and self tape requests.

Sample Schedule:

The following classes would be offered on a monthly basis.

Rotating classes and instructors!

Daily Vocal Warm Up

Join performers across the world in daily communal vocal warm up taught by a Voice Teacher

Instructors this month include:

TV/Film Casting Director Workshop

Work one-on-one with the people "Behind the Table." Prepare to rock self tapes and learn where you fit in the Tv/Film world with feedback from casting directors.

Instructors this month include:

Musical Theatre Jazz

Train with Broadway's Best. Intermediate and Advanced classes taught by Broadway dancers, choreographers, and dance captains.

Instructors this month include:

Acting for the Camera

Improve your technique for TV/Film auditions

Instructors this month include:


Bring classic text to life & advance approach to heightened language & character development

Instructors this month include:

Voiceover Workshop

Learn the tricks of the trade and get set up to record voice over work from home

Instructors this month include:

Scene Study

Providing stage and tv/film actors with new tools with scenes & sides. Work the text and learn to make strong choices in the audition room

Instructors this month include:

Agent Feedback and Seminars

Working on material, get feedback, and develop relationships with top talent agents

Agents/Managers this month include:

Musical Theatre Casting Director Workshop

Work one-on-one with the people "Behind the Table." Work your songs, rock your self tapes and in person auditions with feedback from top casting directors.

Instructors this month include:

Musical Theatre Audition Technique

Work that song cut with some the most brilliant coaches in the business

Instructors this month include: 

Working the Cut With a Broadway Director

Work that song cut with some the most brilliant coaches in the business

Instructors this month include: 

Business of the Business Classes

Edit your resume, build out your actors access pages to get noticed, learn who's casting what

Instructors this month include:


Stretch, meditate, and begin your day centered

Instructors this month include:

Daily Physical Warm Up

Stretch, meditate, and begin your day centered

Instructors this month include:


Stretch, meditate, and begin your day centered

Instructors this month include:

Producing 101

Learn how producing works. How to form a budget, find investors, and all the nuts and bolts

Instructors this month include:

Directing for the Stage

Develop the mind set and the skill set for directing musicals and plays

Instructors this month include:


The most requested special skill. Learn the basics or strengthen your guitar playing skills

Instructors this month include:

Songwriting 101

Exploring song structure, genre, lyric and musical vibe intention and songwriter challenges

Instructors this month include:

Mastering the Self Tape With Artistic Directors

Song prep and audition technique with the artistic directors of prominent regional houses. Learn more about what's needed in a self tape during COVID-19

Instructors this month include:

Speaking in Dialects

Explore a host of dialects with extraordinary professionals

Instructors this month include:

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of passes are offered in the LimitLESS program?

TGS LimitLESS will offer two different passes. 1 month or 2 week long passes.  

When is the first day of LimitLESS Programming?

You may sign up for The LimitLESS Program at any time! Your chosen pass will grant access to all of your content!

After I've signed up, how do I register for the classes I want to take?

All Q&A and lecture-based content is available from your first day of access. The class schedule and access code will be sent 72 hours in advanced. You must sign up for the classes you'd like to enroll in. Interactive classes are first come first served, but offered consistently through the month.

What days and hours are classes offered?

Classes are offered Monday-Saturday from 10am-8pm.

How do I make a payment for access to my week with TGS Limitless? What kind of payment plans are available?

TGS LimitLESS has constructed a tiered system and is unable to offer additional payment plans. One enrollment is completed, students will receive an email confirming payment. This email is essential for class enrollment. Please read it carefully each week. In the payment confirmation email, students will receive access to a password protected area of the TGS website for TGS Limitless class enrollment.

How do I receive access to my online classroom?

Students will receive google invitations for the classes they are enrolled in on the weekend before classes begin. The invitation will include a Zoom link, directions for class preparation, time frame, and materials needed.

When can I purchase my LimitLESS pass?

Anytime! Purchasing a LimitLESS pass gives you access to the following week’s calendar. You must purchase by 5pm on Friday to register for classes beginning on Monday. Your pass will start on the Monday. Otherwise you will not be able to enroll in classes until the following Monday.

If I sign up for a spot in a workshop class and I am no longer available to attend class, do I need to get a substitute?

NO. No substitutes are allowed for LimitLESS online programming.

Is there a penalty for missing a class I enrolled in?

Notifying of your absence 24 hours before class is required. The first absence without notification will be flagged without a penalty. The second time class is missed without notification you will be restricted from signing up for programming the following week. If you miss class a third time without notice you will be unable to participate in the The Limitless program.

Are any of these classes interactive?

Of course! Those with Orchestra passes have access to workshops for feedback and one-on-one time. To best share vocabulary, technique, information and tools for performance improvement TGS offers seminars that are available in a webinar format. Workshops style classes are very similar to our normal setup at TGS and registration is on a first come first serve basis.

How are large are classes offered to students in the TGS Limitless program?

Many of our classes are 8-12 students. Our large communal classes (ie. vocal warm ups, physical warm ups, dance, etc) students will enter into an online chat room. Students may communicate and ask instructors questions by utilizing the chat function.

How do I know if a class is canceled?

Students will receive a notice via email before class begins if a class is unexpectedly cancelled.

What is the best way to contact the studio if I have questions?

Please e-mail

Can I use a class credit for TGS LimitLESS?

Students with credits from previous courses must e-mail if they wish to utilize a credit to purchase their TGS Limitless program.

If a class is cancelled how will the studio make up for the cancellation?

TGS will do its best to avoid cancellations. We plan to place substitute instructors of the same caliber if a cancellation occurs last minute. TGS does not guarantee a makeup date as the LimitLESS program offers over 150 classes monthly.

I didn't get into one class I wanted, can I get a refund?

It is highly likely the class you are interested in will be offered multiple times within the month. No refunds are offered under any circumstance.