Musical Theatre Actor/Singer


Not a cookie cutter program. Our Musical Theatre Actor/Singer Track builds on who are you and what you do best. This program is acting based with vocal and dance training. This program trains those looking to lead Broadway shows. Work with the best in the industry as they provide the tools necessary for a career in musical theatre performance. Crossover programming and classes with other disciplines help strengthen a foundation that allows for work in all area of the field. Acting Techniques, Scene Study, Acting for the Camera, MT Performance, Harmonizing, and our unique approach to building community through a daily school-wide vocal and physical warm-up help to build well rounded performers.

At The Growing Conservatory your entire last semester is a senior showcase. The semester focuses on the "business of the business", networking, performance classes with the biggest names in the industry, and audition techniques that will help prepare for your transition into the professional world.


Musical Theatre - Singer/Dancer


A dancer’s timeline is different from the rest. Graduate in two years and stand out amongst the current professional landscape.

The Musical Theatre Singer/Dancer Track is a dance-focused, blended program that allows captivating dancers to hone their skills and build their rep while cultivating the necessary skills to stand out in the industry. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Commercial Hip Hop, Gymnastics, Partnering and more take center stage while building on fundamentals of strong singing skills that allow you to confidently nail those tight harmonies and ensemble numbers and prepare you to cover and understudy principal roles immediately after graduating.

The blended programming allows for classes in screen acting, Voice over, and more that will allow you to take your career in any direction. Get ready to enter the professional world with a final semester filled with classes taught by Broadway and Commercial Choreographers, Talent Agents, Casting Directors, and more.

Film & Television Performance


The Film & Television Performance track was created for those actors who want to make their mark on camera by honing in on the necessary skills to build a stand out career. Work with Television and Film Casting Directors and Agents who represent some of the best and most well known actors working in Television and Film. Our unique crossover programming will also allow you to explore other interests with electives including dance and voice classes for a well rounded education.

Start your day with a school-wide community warm-up that allows you to prepare for your day and build your community. Each semester will build as you gain and cultivate skills in on-stage training the fundamentals of on-camera work including Stage Combat, Shakespeare, Scene Study, Audition Techniques, Character Development and Voiceover. Your final semester will bring your unique skill set together and prepares you for the "business of the business”.