The Growing Studio Policy and Liability Agreement

All individual clients and/or an official representative of any group renting space from The Growing Studio INC. having its business at 344 West 38th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018 must read and agree to all terms set force in this policy. This policy nulls any and all previous policy and/or any version of policy set forth by The Growing Studio Inc. You are responsible for passing this information to all the members of your group. The Growing Studio INC is not responsible for any theft or damage to personal property brought to or left in the studios, common facilities, or elsewhere in the building, including property stored temporarily or monthly. In this contract The Growing Studio INC shall be referred to as “TGS”, the client shall be referred to as “the renter”

The Growing Studio Inc. “TGS” is not responsible and will not be held liable for any physical, mental, or emotional damage or distress of renters or their guests occuring at its physical location. TGS shall not be deemed liable for any damages incurred on or off location.

Payment Policy
· All bookings must be paid in full before entering the studio unless other arrangements have been confirmed in writing by studio management.
· Personal and company checks are acceptable with approval of studio management. No third party checks will be accepted. There is a charge of $40.00 for any checks returned or bounced for any reason.
· Deposits and rental fees must be paid by dates stated on invoices or receipts.
· Late fees at the rate of 1.5% per month will be assessed on late payments. Late fees will be posted on invoices.
· There is a prorated $30/hour fee for any rental held before 9:00am.
· There is an additional $100 fee for the use of any alcohol or liquor in the studio space.

Cancellation Policy
All cancellations MUST be sent to studio management in writing at We offer full refunds with up to 72 hours notice for a rental lasting less. For rentals lasting longer than eight hours, one week's notice MUST be given for a full refund.

· All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children must be taken to the studio by their guardian and left in the care of the class instructor. They may NOT be dropped off at the door.
· The renter ensures their group is aware of our RULES OF CONDUCT
· The renter is responsible for the conduct of the entire group. The renter ensures their group is aware of all TGS’s policies.
· The renter agrees to keep all personal items close to you. ThGS is not responsible for lost or stolen items
· The renter’s guests must be announced and must not be distracting or disruptive to other clients
· The renter agrees all hallways, lobby, bathrooms, stairwell, and elevator are common spaces. Rentals are for studio spaces only, studio doors must be closed while in use.

Procedure Policies
The renter should check in at the office desk unless otherwise directed. All persons entering the building must remain in compliance with established fire regulations and other regulations imposed by government bodies. Stairways must remain clear; all corridors must remain free of any extraneous materials, such as packs, suitcases, etc. Pianos must be treated as the expensive instruments that they are. No food, drinks, coats, bags, books, etc. are to be put on the pianos. Equipment borrowed or rented from TGS must be returned to the front desk with all parts intact.
· Studios must be vacated on time. Set-up, breakdown, cleanup, pack-up are all included in the reserved time. “All day” bookings must be prepared to vacate the studio 5 minutes before the last hour of the day. There will be an overtime fee assessed if the renter stays past their reserved time.
· Studios, dressing and waiting areas are to be left in a clean and neat condition. Trash must be placed in trash cans, and recyclables in appropriate containers. Chairs and tables should be put away. Rooms should be checked for personal belongings. The renter will be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred.
· Exact use of the space must be explained to TGS management.
· Amplification of music, drums and electrical equipment must be cleared with TGS management in writing when booking space.
· Tap dancing, flamenco, clogging, or any other high-impact dance is allowed on a limited basis and must be cleared with TGS management in writing. Please check tap shoes for loose screws or nails. The renter will be held responsible for any damage to floors, as noted above
· Smoke machines, incense, candles, or anything else that produces smoke or flame is not permitted, as it WILL set off fire alarms
· The hallways are quiet areas and are not to be used for rehearsing
· No chairs or tables should be taken from the halls. The renter agrees to ask a studio associate for assistance with chairs, tables, and any other equipment
· TGS management reserves the right to reassign the renter to another studio of equal or greater size without prior notice.
· The renter must arrive on time. Studio time will not be extended for tardiness. The renter must vacate their space on time to accommodate the next client coming in. No exceptions will be made.

Fine Print
In the event that the renter breaches any of the terms of this Agreement, TGS, may, as provided by law, commence any legal action for collection of balance due. TGS may also pursue any other legal action deemed necessary or appropriate with respect to the account. The renter agrees to reimburse TGS, for all reasonable costs expended to collect past due balances, including, but not limited to their reasonable costs of collection, and attorney fees along with court costs, if applicable. In addition, TGS may suspend services, refuse access, or may terminate this contract. On a fixed-rate Consent, TGS may demand payment, and the renter agrees to pay TGS, for any losses that TGS may incur by nature of said cancellation prorating any loss of the entire unpaid balance of the contract volume due to the renter’s default or cancellation.

Storage space is available upon request and availability.

Rules of Conduct
The renter will abide by the following rules of conduct in order to provide safe, comfortable and professional environments for all when attending TGS.

1. No cursing, yelling, abusive language or disruptive behavior toward any TGS staff member or any of our guests/clients will be tolerated.
2. No loud rehearsing in the hallways.
3. No nudity/inappropriate sexual activities are allowed anywhere on TGS premises.
4. No use of studios without reserving and paying for them in advance.
5. No opening doors on other clients who are utilizing studios.
6. The renter must have a designated representative who will be held accountable for the behavior of their group. That representative will identify themselves when they book and again when checking in at the reception desk.
7. All equipment belonging to TGS which is reserved/rented needs to be returned intact to the reception desk at the end of the rental. (There will be a charge for any damaged or lost items)
8. Studios are to be vacated on time so the next client can use their reserved time.
If additional time is needed and there is an available studio the renter may reserve it. The renter must contact the reception desk in advance of the scheduled ending time.
9. Studios are to be left in good condition with trash in receptacles and all tables and chairs stacked and put back in their locations. (Any damage will be noted and the renter will be contacted concerning charges).
10. At studio closing times all studios need to be vacated on time or there will be an
automatic late charge.
11. We consider all of our clients dedicated, talented and special so we ask that our celebrity clients be treated with respect and civility and not disturbed when at our spaces.

*Failure to comply with these rules may result in the inability to book or enter any Growing Studio locations (at studio management’s discretion).*

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